Palermo, 1973.

Composer, producer, artistic director.

Alessandro Mancuso is the music author of the dance shows "Ciciri" and "Emoticon", and also of the musical "Sciroccu". He is the artistic director of the Festival Marchigiano "In viaggio" for three editions.

In 2002 he takes part to the Aristofane show "Le vespe" as composer and singer, directed by Renato Giordano with Pino Caruso at the Ancient Theatre of Siracusa. In 2004 he wins the award "Musicultura", previous Recanati Award.

In 2005 he makes a duet with Lucio Dalla at the "Archimede Award", and from this moment on he starts a useful collaboration with him. In 2005, in the "O'Scià", he makes a duet with Claudio Baglioni, and always with Claudio Baglioni he shares the stage at the "Notte Bianca di Mazara", an event dedicated to the Mythological dancing satyr. He is the guest artist of many tv shows such as "Telethon", hosted by Barbara Chiappini on Rai 2, "Follie Rotolanti" hosted by Elenoire Casalegno and Davide Van Des Froos on Rai 2 , "Apocalypse show" hosted by Gianfranco Funari on Rai 1, "Stella" hosted by Maurizio Costanzo on Sky Vivo, “Effetto Sabato” hosted by Elisa Isoardi on RAI 1, “Premio Lucchetta” hosted by the journalist Rula Jebrealsu on RAI 1. He wins the award "Rai Demo Award" for the best new artist of 2006 at the M.E.I. .

He is the music author of the "Effetto Sabato" show title-tracks on air each Saturday of the winter season 2007/2008 on Rai 1. He is the guest artist of the show "Ti Lascio Una canzone" hosted by Antonella Clerici in 2009, where he sings "Non dirmi di Enrico" accompanied by the children choir. The song is about the important touching matter of the baby soldiers.

In 2009 he signs with Warner Music and he is testimonial of the "Caramella Buona" foundation (foundation actively involved in fighting against pedophily from more than a decade). In the same year he is testimonial for the antimafia foundation called "Progetto Legalità" ("Legality Project").

On the occasion of "Casa buona" project launch he performs in front of the President of the Italian Parliament and in front of many others important officers and deputies. This project has been created by the "Caramella Buona" foundation to help giving a shelter to the abused children and their families.

On May 28th he wins the Mediterranean Oscar, an award given to the Sicilian ones distinguished for: "The Peace Education, rejection of violence, defense of the Human Rights, civil and social commitment, dedication to Art and Literature, a honest attitude towards life lived with honesty, legally and freely" (taken from the "Mediterranean Oscars" official website).

From 2010 on he dedicates himself to the writing completely, and he composes songs for some of the most representative Italian and International artists. He is the music author of the "Relazioni Pericolose" Musical, with Corrado Tedeschi and Lorenza Mario, directed by Giovanni De Feudis.

The Musical Preview is in 2011, and has been toured throughout 2011 and 2012 for more than 100 dates.

In 2012 he is the music author of "La portinaia", for Roma Capitale.

He has been the artistic director of many public events, promoted by Roma Capitale, such as "Donna, Luce e Suono", “Trinacria d’autore”, “Free Music Contest” and many other more. He is the music author of the comedian shows "Romanzo Demenziale", and "Vite private" (Noel Coward) with Corrado Tedeschi and Benedicta Boccoli. "Vite Private" has been rerun for more than 150 dates.

From 2012 on he is the artistic director of the "Nautiscopio Arte" event.

In the New Year Eve of 2013 he conducts the Music Orchestra "Made in Palermo" in Palermo, made up of 23 musicians chosen by him from the best Sicilian ones.

The concert is performed in front of more 30.000 people at the Politeama Square. He is the author, arranger, singer and guitar player of the "Pinocchio-opera rock", show with Giorgio Pasotti, available in the most important Italian theaters. He teaches computer music and home studio recording along with composition and arranging.

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